Download Zip File

You can download the zip file from the Github Releases Page. To download the latest one automatically, click the big button below:

Download CrudKit v0.2-alpha

Install quick guide:

  1. Extract the zip file. It will create one directory crudkit
  2. Copy this somewhere in your webserver in the same directory as your new crudkit PHP file.
  3. Make sure this is all accessible from a web server.

For more details see the documentation. If you have any trouble please use github issues for questions or if you wish to report a bug.

Upgrading your crudkit install

If you’re upgrading from an older version of crudkit:

  1. Delete the old crudkit folder completely.
  2. Copy the new crudkit folder which was extracted.
  3. Test your page with the new version. Be sure to clear your cache in case the JS might not be working.

Composer and MVC Framework Installs

Composer and support for MVC frameworks will be added soon.

Built by Anirudh Sanjeev. CrudKit is distributed under the MIT/X11 License.